You will fall in love with this charming Victorian centenary , very well located in the heart of Baie-Saint- Paul in Charlevoix tourist region, close to shops, art galleries and museums in the picturesque St- Jean- Baptiste. Auberge La Muse, a quarter century of

You will fall in love with this charming Victorian centenary , very well located in the heart of Baie-Saint- Paul in Charlevoix tourist region, close to shops, art galleries and museums in the picturesque St- Jean- Baptiste. Auberge La Muse, a quarter century of traditional welcome, a place where it is good to rest and restore enjoying fine local flavors.

The location is ideal for exploring Charlevoix Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, known for its beautiful landscape between sea and mountains, national parks, ski resorts, music festival , museums, shops and workshops region artists and Taste Trail.The twelve rooms uniqueness of Auberge La Muse, under the theme of inspiring women Charlevoix you enjoy a piece of history. Comfortable and cozy, they are all equipped with queen beds, private bathroom with wireless internet access , iPod docking station, TV and air conditioning. Parking is free. We welcome the electrics cars with free 

Relax in the cozy atmosphere of the Auberge La Muse, and let the memory of prominent figures such as Gabrielle Roy, Blanche Bolduc, Thérèse Casgrain and Laure Conan, you live an experience in the purest tradition of Charlevoix hostels. We welcome the electrics vehicle with station locator

Adjacent to the Auberge La Muse, is the inevitable Chez Bouquet eco- bistro and specialty Charlevoix terroir, or are served exclusively the kid and Galloway steer raised in Charlevoix. The restaurant offers a feast of flavors from morning to night. Ă€ la carte breakfast, lunch Ă  la carte and menu of the day, the evening Ă  la carte and table d'hĂ´te. Enjoy the meal packages with Auberge Muse and get advantages. Let yourself be pampered by a team of passionate expertise.

The Charlevoix’s first eco-bistro - Chez BOUQUET is more than just an address serving wonderful fare. Fresh and trans fats free, our health-wise menu is mainly composed of local ingredients, and with a contemporary, upbeat decor, it is definitely a restaurant of its time.

The Charlevoix’s first eco-bistro - Chez BOUQUET is more than just an address serving wonderful fare. Fresh and trans fats free, our health-wise menu is mainly composed of local ingredients, and with a contemporary, upbeat decor, it is definitely a restaurant of its time.

Mindful of people’s welln Chez BOUQUET boasts of doing things differently – and this goes well beyond what you see in your plate. When you say eco-bistro, you speak of social, economic and environmental balance. This is our philosophy!

Chez BOUQUET features genuine flavour designer’s trendy cuisine, created by passionnated hand makers with you in mind. This, cuisine is ever so delicately infused with simplicity. For a lovely snack or a copious meal, the establishment features an eclectic menu sure to tickle every palate seeking finesse and subtlety. Original emu or salmon tartares, crisp health-wise salads in assorted flavours, juicy grilled organic meats, the fishig of the day – from morning till night, the fare at Chez BOUQUET tempts patrons in an endless feast of flavours.

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Chez Bouquet



Included : 

An appetizer

A choice of an entree

A main course

Coffee, tea or herbal tea

plus tax and service charges


The package deal Auberge La Muse
Meals from the menu Table d'hĂ´te



Soup of the day  7 (included in table d'hĂ´te)

A Babble of with vegetables in season fried tofu, shoots and green basil oil  12 (included in table d'hĂ´te)
harlevoix cheese fondue ried tomato pesto and arugula   12 (included in table d'hĂ´te)

Carpaccio of organic sausages chips Tomme d'Elle, garlic confit emulsion, pickle gherkins, mini cucumbers and croutons 13 (included in table d'hĂ´te)

Tartare of the day balsamic reduction, served with croutons  14 (Extra $1 table d'hĂ´te) 

Blini with dill, smoked salmon, sour sauce, capers and tobiko  15 (Extra $2 table d'hĂ´te)

Foie gras mousse on beet chips figs and xĂ©rès sherry reduction, apricot chutney  16 (Extra $3 table d'hĂ´te)


Cod steak     
on celery rave gnocchi and homemade lemon zest, strawberry salsa, pistachios and frsh mint served with vegetables in season   28 (included in table d'hĂ´te) 

Top braised beef rib   
bell potato, bacon and onion confit, melting Ciel de Charlevoix and demi glace served with vegetables in season   28 (included in table d'hĂ´te)

Stake & fries    
6oz Angus beef tab, half-ice house, served with fries   
28 (included in table d'hĂ´te)

Tartare of the day, the chef's choice!   
balsamic reduction, served with fires or green salad and croutons   28 (included in table d'hĂ´te)

Black pudding house  
apple and maple-caramelized bacon, mashed butternut squash served with vegetables in season 2
(included in table d'hĂ´te)    

SautĂ©ed jumbo scallops  
purĂ©e mixture of vegetables in season and lobster tempura caperons   
34 ( Extra $6 table d'hĂ´te)

FlambĂ©ed veal sweetbreads  
ice Cider jelly Apples, apricots, portabello and roasted pine nuts   38 (Extra $10 table d'hĂ´te)

Environmentally responsible fishing Bluefine Tuna
toasted seame seeds, julienne cucumbers on the ThaĂŻ, quiona and ponzu mayonnaise served with vegetables in season   
32 (Extra $4 table d'hĂ´te)

Rack of kid  
fried onions, potato gratin ground cheese Hercule, creamy sauce with mushrooms and truffe oil served with vegetables in season   
45 (Extra $17 table d'hĂ´te)

EXTRAS  the purchase of a main dish:

Extra Migneron (plain of fad)   7

Extra foie gras torchon    9

Extra beet chips   3

Extra sautĂ©ed oyster mushrooms   8

Extra vegetables in season  5


Panna cotta mint and chocolate  8

Tarte tatin and hommade ice-cream  10

Cheesecake B52  12

Crème brĂ»lĂ©e inspiration of the season  9

Salade de fruis fais de saison  7

Secret of Maurice to share  25

Cheese Platter 4 Charlevoix cheeses   24
Served with dried fruit, nuts and croutons, Hercule, Ciel de Charlevoix, Migneron, Tomme d'Elle


Spaghetti bolognese or with butter  9

Grilled cheese served with fries and green slalad  11

Strips of grilled chicken served with vegetables of the day  11

Soup, ice-cream and drink 8oz


NOON BOUQUET   monday to friday from 11:30 Am to 2:00 Pm

MENU COMPLET:  Greens or soup + tea or coffeeadd 3.5
Mini dessert of the day 2.5

Fish & chips of Cod 
served with fries, mayo, coleslaw and homemade tartar sauce 15

*Indian style butter Chiken  New  18
served on basmati rice with lime, raita and grilled naan bread

Lobster "guedille"  16    Two "guedilles"  New   21
celery, tomatoes, lettuce, served with fries, mayo and salad

Combo Spaghetti et Caesar  bolonese sauce of kid  13  Ferme Caprivoix  Extra browned Migneron cheese 4.5  Fromagerie Maurice Dufour  

Caesar Salad vinaigrette, croĂ»tons and homemade bacon, grated Migneron cheese  14  Entree size   6    Fromagerie Maurice Dufour    Extra grilled chiken  5  

*English cucumberand tagliatelle salad  New   17
served on bed of baby spinach, radish, cubed watermelon, pine nuts and jalapenos cheese curds Laiterie Charlevoix,
whit a creamy champagne vinaigrette
EXTRA grilled chiken   5
EXTRA guina fowl confit Vollières Baie-Saint-Paul  7
EXTRA smoked salmon  Fumoir Saint-Antoine   7

*Vegetable omelet served with fries, homemade mayo and green salad   12

Panini from Charlevoix smoked meat Charcuterie Charlevoix et fromage St-Fidèle, dijonnaise, tomatoes et spinach, served with fries, homemade mayo or green salad  14
Ă€ Chacun son pain

Tartar of Bluefine tuna from environmentally responsible fishing, beet chioggia, blueberries, mayo ponzu, served with fries, homemade mayo or green salad  15

Tartar the both salmons fresh and smoked salmon, mango, litchi and tobiko, served with fries, homemade mayo or green salad  15

Smoked salmon pizza  New    18
on naan bread, red pepper coulis, french shallot, capers, baby spinach, shaving of Tomme d'Elle cheese   Fromagerie Maurice Dufour

Atlantic Salmon burger capers, marinated shallots, lemon juice and mayonnaise in the dill, served with fries, homemade mayo or green salad  16

Chiken burger homemade, melted Migneron Fromagerie Maurice Dufour, bacon, arugula, tomatoes, mayo Habaneroserved with fries, homemade mayo or green salad  16

Kid burger fried onions, shaving of Tomme d'Elle cheese, Fromagerie Maurice Dufour, arugula, mayonnaise made of truffle oil, served with fries, homemade mayo or green salad  16   Ferme Caprivoix

*Steak frites  6oz Angus beef tab, half-Ice house, served with fries, homemade mayo  19


Bowl of fries   5
Chips of beets   3
green salad    4
Coleslaw   1.5
Browned Migneron   4.5
Bacon   2
Grilled chiken   5
Pickles   1.5
Tartar sauce   1.5
Homemade mayo   1.5
Dill, Habanero, truffle oil or dijonnaise
Caesar  2
insteed of green salad


Gluten free dish
Extra  gluten free beet chips   3


    Included : Soup and beverage 8 oz

    Pasta bolonese sauce or with butter  10

    Grilled cheese served with fries or green salad   12

    *Strips of grilled chicken  served with vegetables of the day   12

    MIDI WEEK-END  Saturday and Sunday from 11 h 30 am to 2 pm

    Charlevoix's Panini   14
    Smoked meat and Migneron, dijonnaise, tomatoe and spinach,
    served with fries and homemade mayo or green salad
    Charcuterie Charlevoix, Fromagerie Maurice Dufour,
    À Chacun son pain

    Fish and chips of cod   15
    Served with fries and homemade mayo, coleslaw
    and homemade tartar sauce

    Vegetable omelet   12
    Served with fries and green salad

    Combo spaghetti and caesar   13
    Bolognese sauce of kid
    Extra browned Migneron cheese   4.5
    Ferme Caprovoix, Fromagerie Maurice Dufour

    Steak and fries    19
    6 oz Angus beef tab, half-ice house,
    served with fries
     or vegetables of the day 

    Caesar salad  14
    EntrĂ©e size   6
    Vinaigrette, croutons et homemade bacon, grated Migneron cheese
    Extra Grilled chiken   5
    Fromagerie Maurice Dufour

    Soup of the day   5

    Beets chips   3

    Bowl of fries   5


    Salad of fresh strawberries     7
    cream and ample sugar

    Ice cream seasonal inspiration   

    Tarte tatin and homemade ice-cream  10

    B52 Cheesecake    12

    Crème brĂ»lĂ©e   9
    inspiration of the season

    Cream puffs   12
    three chocolate

    Mini lemon tart trio  12
    with Italien meringue flambee




    Serve from 7 Am to 11:30 Am to 2 Pm on Saturday and Sunday


    with Auberge La Muse:

    Choose one dish on the list

    + We offer youa glass of fruit juice.



    Juice Orange,  grapefruit or apple     3.5

    Fresh pressed orange juice            4.25

    The cool morning Mimosa   Sparkling wine and orange juice     9


    Served with rösti, toasts, fruits, homemade jams, filter coffee or hot chocolate

    The classic 

    1 egg          8.5   

    2 eggs         9.5

    One choice of them : ham, bacon, saussage, cretons, baked beans or swiss cheese


    the easy over with baked beans 

    Natural                         8.5

    With ham or Portugese (chorizo, tomatoes et spinach)     9.5

    With Migneron  cheese 11

    Casserole matin New        15.5
    SautĂ© de saucisse, bacon, jambon, rösti, oignons, champignons, poivrons,servi avec sauce hollandaise, un Ĺ“uf au choix, gratinĂ© au Migneron

    *Casserole, extra sur forfait    4.5

    Brunch                                16.75

    Two eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, Swiss cheese, crepes, cretons, baked beans and juice, pure maple syrop

    *Brunch, extra on package         5



    Served with rösti, toasts, homemade jams, filter coffee or hot chocolate 


    Asparagus and mushrooms        11

    Aux lĂ©gumes sautĂ©s  New              11     

    Ham and Swiss cheese               11

    Migneron cheese and spinach    15

    *Au Migneron, extra on package     4


    Served on english muffin, rösti, fresh fruits, homemade jams, filter coffee or hot chocolate
    Poached egg with hollandaise sauce

    Spinach or smoked maple ham 

    egg           12    
    2 eggs         14.5

    * 2 eggs, extra on package             3.5

    Smoked salmon fumoir St-Antoine

    1 egg          13    
    2 eggs        15.5

    *Salmon  1 egg, extra on package       2
    *Salmon  2 eggs, extra on package   4.5

    Extra Spinach    2



    Served with homemade jams, filter coffee or hot chocolate 


    Toasts, English muffins or bagel      7

    Toasts, with cretons or cheese         8

    Sandwich Bouquet  New    12.5
    Pain, viande et Ĺ“uf au choix,
    servi avec mayo, tomate et salade

    *Sandwich, extra on package     1.5

    Bagel with smoked salmon,                       13
    Fumoir St-Antoine, and cream cheese

    *Bagel salmon, extra on package                2   


    HEALTHY PAUSE  Served with rösti, toasts, filter coffee or hot chocolate


    Great                     11

    Yogourt nature aux fruits frais,
    cĂ©rĂ©ales de son granola 

    Le gruau du randonneur                    9.5

    Flocons d'avoine, noix, graines entières,
    graines de lin moulues, fruits séchés, miel, lait d'amande et cannelle



    Offert avec fruits frais, sirop d'Ă©rable pur, 
    café filtre ou chocolat chaud


    Gaufres aux fruits de saison    12.5

    Gaufres au beurre                     9
    sirop d'Ă©rable ou chocolat

    Gaufres Bouquet   NOUVEAU              14.5 
    Une montagne de fruits frais,
    un Ĺ“uf et une viande au choix

    *Gaufres Bouquet, extra sur forfait   3.5               

    Pains dorĂ©s traditionnels           9.5
    pain aux raisins

    CrĂŞpes au beurre                         9
    sirop d'Ă©rable ou chocolat

    CrĂŞpes ou gaufres d'antan         10

    crème et cassonade

    CrĂŞpes jambon et fromage          15

    CrĂŞpes bananes et chocolat        10

    *CrĂŞpes jambon fromage, extra sur forfait    4



    Deux RĂ´ties                                   3

    RĂ´ties sans gluten                        3

    Bagel ou muffin anglais               2.5

    CrĂŞpe avec sirop d'Ă©rable              4

    Pain dorĂ© avec sirop d'Ă©rable        4

    Gaufre avec sirop d'Ă©rable            4

    Fromage Migneron                       4.5

    Fromage Suisse                           4.5

    Fromage Ă  la crème ou cottage    2

    Sirop d'Ă©rable ou  Yogourt          2

    Un Ĺ“uf                                          1

    BaconJambon ou Saucisses    2

    Fèves au lard ou Cretons            2

    Confitures maison                       1

    Coulis de fruit                              2

    Crème anglaise maison              2

    *Tasse espresso                          1

    *Bol espresso                               2

    * en remplacement du café régulier

    POUR LES PETITS  offert avec jus de fruits,

    lait ou chocolat chaud ou froid


    Le bol de cĂ©rĂ©ales bambin         5.5

    Le brouillĂ© au naturel                 7

    rĂ´ties et confitures 

    Un Ĺ“uf, rĂ´ties, confitures            7

    rösti et choix d'une viande

    Le bol santĂ©                                6

    CrĂŞpes ou gaufres au beurre     6

    et sirop d’érable pur  

    CrĂŞpes banane et au chocolat    7

    Nos producteurs locaux :

    Pains d'Exclamation!
    Boulangerie Ă  chacun son pain
    Moulin seigneurial des Éboulements
    Laiterie Charlevoix
    Maison d'Affinage Maurice Dufour
    Fromagerie St-Fidèle
    Fumoir St-Antoine
    Charcuterie Charlevoisienne
    Le Moulin Ă  saucisses
    Les Jardins du centre

    Vins rouges (5 onces)

    Cousino Macul Cab-Sauv, Chili 9,25 – aromatique et charnu

    Pinot noir, Les Jamelles, Pays d'Oc, France 8,25 –fruité et généreux

    Castello Nipozano Riserva, Italie 10,50 – aromatique et charnu

    Brouilly Louis Jadot Sous les Balloquets 11,25 – fruité et Léger

    Syrah, Les Jamelles, Pays d'Oc, France 8,00 – aromatique et souple

    Vins blancs (5 onces)

    Marquis de Goulaine, Sauvignon, France 8,00– fruité et vif Bourgogne

    Aligoté, Marquis de Jouennes, France 9,25 – délicat et léger

    Pinot gris Pfaff, Alsace, France 9,25 – fruité et doux

    Chardonnay Réserve, FUN, Pays d'Oc, France 8,75 – aromatique et rond

    Vin rosé (5 onces)

    Domaine de l'Ange Gardien, Québec 8,50 - Fruité et doux

    Château Bellevue Laforêt, Sud-Ouest, France 8,75 – Fruité et généreux

    Listel-Gris, Languedoc, France 7,00 – Fruité et léger

    Vins issus de culture agrobiologique

    Vins rouges

    Chateau La Lieue, Provence, France, Grenache/Mourvèdre, 37

    Bonterra Mendocino County Cabernet-Sauvignon, Californie 50

    Montirius Vacqueyras, Vallée du Rhône, France, Grenache/syrah, 54

    Cono Sur Organico Carmenere, Cab-Sauv, Chili 42

    Cono Sur Organico, Pinot noir, Chili 42

    Vins blancs

    *Bonterra Vineyards North Coast, Californie, Viognier 49

    EQ Matetic valle de San Antonio, Chili, Sauvignon blanc 53

    Demis-bouteilles (375 ml)

    Vins rouges

    Beaujolais-village George Duboeuf, France 23

    Ruffino Chianti, Italie 26

    Château Montaiguillon Montagne-Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France 34

    Folonari Valpolicella, Italie 24

    J. Lohr Seven oaks Paso Robles, Cab.-sau. États-Unis 27

    Clos de la Coutale, Malbec/merlot, Cahors 21

    Le bâtonnier, Domaine du Ridge, Maréchal Foch, Québec 25

    Vins blancs

    Albert Bichot, Chablis, France 33

    Willm RĂ©serve, Alsace, Riesling, France 27

    Pfaff, Alsace, Pinot gris France 24

    Kim Crawford, Sauvignon blanc, Nouvelle-ZĂ©lande 27

    Marquis de Jouennes, Bourgogne Aligoté, France 22

    Bouteilles format 500 ml (rouges)

    Georges Duboeuf, Brouilly, France 39

    Domaine de Marquisat, Merlot, France 25

    Vins rouges


    L’Esprit de Château Capendu, Corbières 42

    Domaines Paul Mas Vignes de Nicole, cab.sauv-syrah, Pays D'Oc 44

    Louis Roche, Cabernet franc, Saumur-Loire 47

    Brouilly Louis Jadot Sous les Balloquets 54

    Les Jamelles, Syrah, Pays d'Oc 37

    Les Jamelles, Pinot noir, Pays d'Oc 38

    Mercurey Château de Chamirey, Pinot noir, Bourgogne 71

    Château La Mothe du Barry, Merlot, Bordeaux supérieur 39

    Clos de la Coutale, Malbec/merlot, Cahors 40


    Farnito Carpineto, Cab.-sau.Toscane 74

    Carpineto Chianti classico, , Sangiovese ,Toscane 54

    Fontanafredda Barolo, Nebbiolo, Piémont 80

    Dogajolo Carpineto, Sangiovese/cab. Sauv.Toscane 45

    Secco-Bertani, Corvina, Vénétie 46

    Castello Nipozzano Riserva, Chianti Ruffina 50

    Espagne Laguna de la Nava Gran Reserva,Tempranillo, Castilla la Mancha 42

    Tres Picos, Borsao, Garnacha, Campo de Borja 56

    Juan Gil Monastrell vieilles vignes, Bodegas Murcia 41

    La Montesa, Grenache/tempranillo, Rioja 50

    Agarena, Tempranillo/Cabernet-sauvignon,Valencia 32


    Coroa d'Ouro Pocas Douro 38


    Les Petits Cailloux, Domaine Saint-Jacques, Québec 43

    Mission Hill, Cabernet / merlot ,Okanagan Valley 49

    *Osoyoos Larose, Le Grand Vin, Merlot/ Cab. Sauv. B.C. 106

    *PĂ©tales d'Osoyoos, Merlot, Okanagan Valley 70


    Cline, Zinfandel, Californie 43

    Mirassou, Pinot noir, Californie 40

    Hess Allomi, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Napa Valley, Californie 83

    *Château Montelena Calistoga, C-Sauv. Napa Valley Californie 125

    J. Lohr Seven Oaks, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Californie 61

    The Show, Cabernet-Sauvignon Californie 51

    Terre Rouge Les CĂ´tes de l'Ouest, Syrah, Californie 2010 71

    Sebastiani, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Sonoma County, Californie 54


    Trapiche fût de chêne, Malbec, Mendoza 37

    Clos de los Siete, Malbec, Mendoza 63


    Errazuriz, Max Reserva, Cab.-sauv. Aconcagua 42

    *Don Melchor, Concha Y Toro, Cab.-sau. Valle Central 160

    *Cono Sur Barrels Limited Edition Colchagua, Merlot, Valle Central 73

    Casillero del Diablo Casablanca, Pinot noir, Aconcagua 38

    Cousino Macul, Cab-Sauv 46


    Penfolds Koonunga Hill, Shiraz/cabernet, Australie-MĂ©ridionale 46

    Nouvelle- ZĂ©lande

    *Akarua, Pinot noir, Central Otago 89

    Afrique du Sud

    *The Chocolate Block, Shiraz/cab. sauv., Western Cape 99

    Vins blancs


    Marquis de Jouennes, Bourgogne Aligoté 44

    Marquis de Goulaine, Sauvignon 38 Pfaff, Pinot gris, Alsace 44

    Léon Beyer réserve, Riesling, Alsace 47

    Les Champs Royaux, William Frève, Chablis, Bourgogne 59

    Jean-Claude Boisset, Pouilly-Fuissé, Bourgogne 63

    Fun, Pays d'Oc, Chardonnay 41 Les Jardins De Meyrac, Pays d'Oc 41


    Velenosi Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi 41

    Masi Masianco, Pinot grigio Verduzzo,Vénétie 43


    Vinho regional, Adega de Pegeos, Peninsula de Setubal 39

    MarquĂŞs de Marialva Bairrada Colheita Seleccionada, Beiras 35


    Argyros Atlantis, Assyrtiko, Iles de la mer Égée 45


    Charlevoyou, Muscat Osceola, Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec 40

    L'Orpailleur élevé en fût de chêne, Vidal/Seyval, Québec 41

    Domaine du Ridge, Vent D'Ouest assemblage, Québec 40

    Five Vineyards Mission Hill, Pinot blanc, Okanagan 45


    MĂ©nage Ă  trois Folie Ă  deux, Californie 44

    Treana, Marsanne / Viognier, Central Coast 73

    Conundrum, Californie 61


    Yalumba The Y Series, Viognier, Australie méridionnale 44


    Kim Crawford, Sauvignon Blanc, Malborough 53

    Afrique du sud

    Robertson Winery, Chenin Blanc, Western Cape 32

    Vins rosés

    Château Bellevue Laforêt, Sud-Ouest, France 42

    Listel-Gris, Languedoc, France 37

    Domaine de l'Ange-Gardien, Québec 40

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    Auberge La Muse &
    Chez Bouquet Ă©co-bistro

    39, rue St-Jean-Baptiste
    Baie-St-Paul, Charlevoix
    Quebec G3Z 1M3

    TĂ©l.: (418) 435-6839
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